Opportunities for Trainees

In May 2021, HSS-CU CAMEO was awarded an NIH funded Training Grant. The goals of the grant are to identify, train, and empower a select group of high potential investigators to utilize the principles of engineering to advance patient care through interdisciplinary research while nurturing them to become successful academic and clinical leaders in the musculoskeletal and orthopaedic sciences.

Four positions are available: Applications to fill two pre-doctoral positions are invited from graduate students in the School of Engineering at Cornell University. Applications for two post-doctoral positions are invited from: (i) a high caliber clinical resident (MD) who is a rising-star capable of pursuing a clinician-scientist career pathway, and (ii) a PhD post-doctoral fellow who has demonstrated exemplary potential through prior grant support, highly cited peer-reviewed publications, and strong cross-disciplinary collaborations. The deadline for applications in 2021, is July 1st.

Diagram of training structure and directors