Engineered Regenerative Medicine

Establishing the cell, tissue, organ, and disease level responses to clinically used biologics. We aspire to use this knowledge to engineer the next generation of immune instructive biological therapeutics for musculoskeletal longevity for humans and animals.

Research Team and Focus


Nelly Andarawis-Puri, PhD, Associate Professor
Tendinopathy, Scarless Tendon healing, tendon over-use – mechanical testing, imaging, cell and matrix strain assessment, surgical laceration and temporal assessment, organ culture and cell culture, gel-based delivery systems

Ben Cosgrove, PhD, Assistant Professor
Muscle stem cell fate regulation via signaling networks, biomaterials for stem-cell manufacturing & cell-therapy, single-cell analysis of muscle regeneration & aging

Michelle L. Delco, DVM, PhD, DACVS, Assistant Research Professor
Cartilage biology, Models of Posttraumatic Osteoarthritis, large animals, translational models, orthobiologics/regenerative medicine

Mark Drakos, MD, Assistant Attending Orthopedic Surgeon
Disorders of the foot and ankle and sports medicine injuries.

Lara Estroff, PhD, Director of Materials Science and Engineering
Bio-inspired synthesis of organic-inorganic composites

Lionel B. Ivashkiv, MD, Chief Scientific Officer
Innate immunity and inflammation, cytokines, epigenomics, arthritis

David Putnam, PhD, Professor
Polymer chemistry, Vaccine design/delivery, Drug delivery (controlled release, targeting)

Scott Rodeo, MD Attending Orthopedic Surgeon
Soft tissue repair, sports medicine

Russell Warren, MD, Attending Orthopedic Surgeon
Sports medicine surgery, joint preservation, biologics and scaffolds